Thursday, May 16, 2013

Sneak Peek and Giveaway: Trying Not To Love You by Megan Smith


"Truth or Dare?" Hailey asked me.

I looked at her and smiled, knowing that trouble would find me with either answer. It did not matter which one I picked, Hunter would be involved. Hailey was the only person that knew I had a crush on Hunter. Jaylinn might have figured it out, but I had never flat out told her I liked her brother.

Smirking at me, she said, "Go outside with Hunter and kiss him in the rain."
All three of my brothers growled in unison. Hunter looked at me with wide eyes while both Hailey and Jaylinn started laughing and giving each other high-fives. I did not expect that from her, especially since my brothers were within striking distance.
"No way. Not happening." Mason said.
Hailey, who was still laughing, looked at Mason and said, "A dare is a dare."
Hunter reached out for my hand and helped me off the air mattress. Jaylinn open the tent flap for us so we could get out.
The rain was starting to slow down to just a drizzle. Hunter and I walked out, hands held together, and turned to face each other.
"Ready?" He asked. When I nodded my head, he said, "On the count of three. One." He took a step closer. "Two." I took the last step, our bodies just barely touching. "Three."

About the book:

MacKenzie Cahill has dealt with overbearing and overprotective brothers her entire life, making it near impossible to enjoy her teenage years. Having a boyfriend was practically impossible until she met a guy that wasn't afraid to stand up to them - Dominic. He was sweet, thoughtful and everything MacKenzie ever wanted in a man.But when they go away to college at Old Dominion University, MacKenzie sees a whole new side of Dominic and begins to wonder if he really is different from every other guy.
Her world is turned upside down after a party, and her brothers' best friend Hunter is the one there to offer her a shoulder to cry on. The chemistry between them is electric, and feelings for each other that have been hidden for years are finally voiced.
Is Hunter willing to be disloyal to his best friends in order to be with the one girl he's always secretly wanted?

About the Author:

When Megan Smith is not writing she is a wife to her high school sweetheart and a mom to her son. She lives in the New Jersey. At the end of the day when she is done work and being a mom you can find her curled up with a good book or writing on her current story. 

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  1. This book looks and sounds great.

    1. It is amazing! Keep an eye out tomorrow for the ebook to release!

  2. I entered here on your blog Katie ;)

  3. I love Hunter.. Ya'll will fall in love with uim too.

  4. I love Hunter.. Ya'll will fall in love with uim too.

  5. I entered on Katie Mac's blog. This book sounds great, I'm ready to read it right now!

  6. I entered at Katie Mac's author page. I loved the excerpt. I want to know if they kissed! I bet one of the brother's stopped them. I can't wait to read this book!

  7. For those of you who haven't read it. YOU NEED TOO! It is a GREAT book. If you are in the Stamford CT area, come see us Aug 10th for the Stamford Author Event. Megan will be there, and I am one of the official bloggers for the event. You can also visit my page for my review and spotlight post on Megan and another SAE author, tomorrow.

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  11. On Katie Mac's!!! This book looks great!

  12. On Katie Mac's blog. I'm looking forward to reading this.

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  14. I entered here on your blog Katie!! This looks so good!!