Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Exciting News From J.B. McGee

I said a couple of days ago on my Facebook page that I read all of your reviews, comments, and messages. And I do. I read every single last one of them. I read the ones that are nice, and I read the ones that aren't. I read the ones that say we want more.
When I started writing Gabby and Bradley, it wasn't like I had this clear picture of where I'd take them. I had a general idea of a few plot twists that I had in mind. I won't go into that in this message because I realize some people still haven't read all of them. What I will say is that your comments have most definitely influenced this series. Without them, it wouldn't even be a series. It would be a trilogy. There would have been no Conspiring. There would be no Falling, and certainly no Blinded.
Speaking of Falling, after much thought and discussion I have decided to make this a full length novel. I think that to try to tell that story in a novella would be wrong. There's so much emotion, so much love, so much heartache to be told.
With all of that being said, I need you to know that I appreciate everything you have done for me. Your support and encouragement is so special to me. It's because of that, that I want to give you what you want. It's my way of saying 'thank you'.
I don't have a release date yet. I just know it will be after Falling and before Blinded. But what I do have is a plot. I have a plot that is very personal. Very much of this story will be fiction, but so much of it will be my story. I hope you enjoy it. It's Trying. It's Gabby and Bradley. It's for you.

Gabby's life seems to have come full circle. She has everything she has ever dreamed of: money, social standing and happily married parents.

She has just become a wife, is settling into her new life and is finally forgiving those in her past that broke her. Looking forward to bright new beginnings, Gabby is devastated to get the news that it is now or never for the future she has envisioned.

Experiencing heartache on a level she never thought possible, Gabby finds herself closing up. Drifting back to darker places, she watches, once again, as those around her experience the one thing she cannot.

Bradley is there for her as they try to overcome the obstacle together, but will Gabby be strong enough to endure the heartbreak she is experiencing?

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