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Shattered Into Beautiful by Mel Ballew

Shattered Into Beautiful by Mel Ballew

Shattered Into Beautiful
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Book Description

Her Magick is destined but true love forbidden.

After beautiful Sylver Kyllienne Brady meets death at the hands of her boyfriend, Roland Parks, she transcends into Summerland. There, she reunites with her mother and finds her soulmate, Zander. Pulled back to the earthly plane, she must embark on a journey of discovery. She uncovers a truth. She is the descendent of a long lineage of powerful Witches. She must learn to control her power, protect the family’s Amulet and Book of Shadows. Sylver has no idea what awaits her. And, this is only part of her discovery.

Lives unravel as secrets are discovered and mysteries unfold. 

Everything changes when she meets Zander Emmett –a vampire. Zander is gorgeous, exotic, sexy and unbelievably wealthy. He is also the one person a witch, such as Sylver, must avoid. Their love is forbidden but their souls draw them together like a magnet. Their bodies ignite, passion soars and their souls are left discovering, not only each other, but their destiny. His life holds secrets and enticing mysteries of his own that propel the parallels of their worlds to climaxing heights. 

Will their colliding worlds separate them? Will Sylver embrace her destiny? Will realizing what is expected of her and falling soul-fully in love with Zander - the vampire she is forbidden to love, just leave her breathless? 

Or, will she forever be Shattered Into Beautiful?

My Review

When Mel asked me to read Shattered Into Beautiful, I hemmed and hawed.  Really, the paranormal genre is something that I have never been all that interested in reading.  After all, isn't paranormal only about witches and vampires and shamans, oh my?  Boy, was I wrong!

Shattered opens in the year 1647 in the town of Hartford, Connecticut.  To the shouts of "burn, witch, burn", Alse Lake was hanged to death by neck, having been accused of being a witch.  Her husband John and daughter Alice were there to witness the hanging.  Thirty years later in the exact same town, daughter Alice was also hanged to death for the very same reason.

Fast forward several hundred years, and we witness Sylver dying at the hands of a mad man.  Battered, bruised and shattered, Sylver's blood pouring out onto the floor, she passes over into the Summerlands.  The last words she hears before she dies are "Hang on my li'l Kitten.  Fight Sylver"...  Her travel to the Summerlands brings her face to face with Zander.  Let me assure you, Zander is quite yummy.

Now, I would tell you more, but I don't want to spoil this beautiful book for you.  This is a poetically beautiful story about a love between a witch and a vampire that transcends time.  You will find that Mel's words are rich, warm and poetic.  After reading this book, it is still very hard for me to believe that she hasn't written for years.  Her descriptions will put you right there with the book's characters, but be prepared for the kisses to light a spark and the caresses to draw a low moan because the action between Zander and Sylver is hot.

If you've read Shattered Into Beautiful, make sure you leave a review for Mel on Amazon and Goodreads.  If you've not read it yet, what in this world are you waiting on?  The links are up top underneath that beautiful cover.  Also, make sure you stop by Mel's page, give her a "like" and tell her that Katie Mac sent you over to say hello!

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